Facilitating Training

The Virtual Facilitative Designer

7 Hours


The shift to virtual learning sessions can amp up an organization’s ability keep staff nimble and up to date on evolving products, policies and procedures. However, creating a successful, virtual training session requires careful planning and strategies that ensure maximum engagement.

This workshop provides participants with the specialized skills and knowledge necessary to design active, engaging virtual learning events with confidence. Participants will engage in two highly interactive half-day sessions with many opportunities to practice new skills and receive coaching and peer feedback in a safe environment. This workshop focuses on designing content that results in highly interactive workshops.


By the end of this workshop participants will:

  • Understand the five most common design challenges of the virtual environment and identify strategies to overcome each challenge
  • Commit to an adult learning approach that strives to teach through asking and engaging rather than through excessive telling of content
  • Learn best practices in deciding which content to include and what to relegate to asynchronous teaching such as pre-reading, video and quizzes
  • Have clarity around how to structure and sequence workshop topics for maximum learning
  • Design enhanced openings for their workshops, using a checklist of context-building elements/options and strategies for focusing participant attention
  • Design training to reduce learner’s cognitive load
  • Use five powerful strategies to overcome the challenge of making technical or content-heavy training engaging for participants
  • Design visuals that support engaging delivery
  • Create appropriate competition to illustrate key learning points

  • Any team leader, internal designer, trainer or subject matter expert who creates or revises virtual learning sessions.
  • Anyone who needs to convert face-to-face training designs to virtual training

A digital participant workbook filled with templates, reminders and methods you can refer to when transitioning new skills to your next training session.

In-House Training
Our training is offered in-house, both virtually and in your premises.
License this Workshop
If you have large populations of staff who could benefit from this training, Facilitation First certifies in-house trainers to teach our content.
The Virtual Facilitative Designer
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