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Meeting Culture Consulting


We are not going to sugar-coat it. Most managers feel that up to 50% of their meetings are unproductive or a complete waste of time. And given that most employees spend 7.5 days/month in meetings, that’s 1.5 month’s of pure workdays spent in ineffective meetings every year! How much money is your organization losing to sustain this?

Meetings are the lifeblood of any organization. A well-run meeting creates alignment, clarity and motivates a group to action. Bad meetings lead to frustration, distraction and a disengaged staff. With today’s matrixed organizations requiring increasingly more group collaboration, a well-defined meeting culture has never been more important.

What Makes this Program Unique?

The focus of this program includes eliminating the systemic or cultural roadblocks that get in the way of high performance during meetings, including:

  • Overcrowded, ill-designed meetings that waste time
  • Limited understanding of the role of facilitator in driving effective meetings
  • Empowering the “meeting decline”
  • Lack of clear outcomes and structure for your most “expensive” recurring meetings
  • Poor meeting etiquette including multi-tasking, late arrivals, no shows, etc.
  • Limited engagement of all attendees with only a few speaking out, lack of or poor use of idea generation, problem-solving and/or decision-making skills

If this is your team, department or organization and you want to improve your meeting culture’s performance, our Meeting Culture Consulting services are for you!