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Facilitation First Preferred Public Pricing (P3)

Expand Your Professional Development Offering by Adding Our Public Workshops to Your Organization’s Calendar

The Preferred Public Pricing (P3) program is a flexible, customizable and cost-effective way to provide training and development to your staff across the country.

We recognize that not everyone needs the same training at the same time – and you may not always have enough participants to justify an on-site workshop. The P3 Program allows you to mix and match specific workshops to the needs and geography of your staff.

The P3 Program makes learning, training and development affordable for operations of any size:

Option One: For organizations with greater than 1000 Canadian based employees, you can receive up to 15% off if you endorse and list our public workshops in your LMS System, allowing your staff to self-register with Facilitation First. Note: We will notify you if we receive 6 or more staff registering for any one workshop to see if an on-site workshop makes more sense.

Option Two: If you have many meeting leaders who could benefit from our training programs you can achieve even deeper discounts by purchasing a block of 10 days of participant training for $6,000 – that’s up to a 25% savings. Your organization has up to 18 months to use these training days at any of our public workshops across the country