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Welcome to our blog! Our posts feature tips, tricks, tools, dilemmas and discussions that will help you improve your personal facilitation skills and increase your understanding of how to collaborate effectively. Like what you see? Sign up to receive our new articles at the bottom of this page.

Nurturing Inclusivity One Meeting at a Time

Date: May 13, 2024 12:00 pm

In today's hybrid workplaces, fostering an inclusive culture is not just an organizational buzzword—it's a strategic imperative. Beyond mere rhetori...

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New Team? Take the Time to Align To Avoid Team Disaster

Date: April 23, 2024 7:00 am

Navigating Team Formation: The Importance of Alignment by Nikita Wilson As Michael Goldman, President and Founder of Facilitation shares in thi...

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Mastering Meeting Preparation: Dealing with the Unprepared

Date: March 18, 2024 12:00 pm

When some participants arrive unprepared for a meeting, it can disrupt the flow and effectiveness of the discussion. Meeting facilitators should handl...

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Steps of Conflict Resolution

Intervention and Conflict Resolution Training – Navigating Challenges in Meetings

Date: February 28, 2024 7:30 am

Building Consensus: Steps for Conflict Resolution in Meetings Meetings are a melting pot of different personalities, ideas, and objectives. In the pr...

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Collaboration Challenges

Top 4 Collaboration Challenges in Hybrid Meetings and How to Overcome Them

Date: February 7, 2024 12:00 pm

Collaboration is crucial to achieving business objectives, and remote work makes it easier for professionals to collaborate without boundaries. Howeve...

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Facilitation Training

Advance your Facilitation Training for Professional Development

Date: January 29, 2024 7:30 am

In an era where critical thinking and problem-solving are paramount, facilitation training emerges as a pivotal skill set for the future. As technolog...

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introverts in meetings

5 Signs You’re Neglecting Introverts in Meetings

Date: January 8, 2024 7:30 am

Are you Respecting the Introverts in your Meetings? Respecting and valuing introverts in meetings is essential for creating an inclusive and producti...

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Establishing Group Norms

Setting Yourself Up for Effective Collaboration Sessions

Date: November 28, 2023 10:00 am

Group dynamics play an essential role in the success of any team or organization. A team must have a set of guidelines or norms to ensure everyone is ...

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Drivers of Employee Engagement

The Link Between a Healthy Meeting Culture and Employee Engagement

Date: November 20, 2023 11:52 am

Meetings are a ubiquitous part of modern work life, and they have the potential to significantly affect employee engagement. A healthy meeting culture...

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