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Meeting Tools

Here are some pre-formatted meeting tools that will help you research, plan and run your next meeting.

Meeting Design Templates

These meeting design templates are an essential part of planning for any meeting and can be tailored to your needs. We have included an Agenda template, Meeting Process Notes template and an Action Plan template. Whether you’re a seasoned meeting facilitator or a beginner, these templates will help you succeed in your next facilitation.

The Pre-Meeting Checklist

Have you been asked to facilitate a meeting and want to ensure the group outcomes are achieved? This Pre-Meeting Checklist is an excellent tool to ensure the meeting facilitator has all of the information needed to plan and design a great meeting. Everything from the purpose and logistics to the agenda topics and possible challenges is covered in this Pre-Meeting Checklist.

Virtual Meeting Best Practices

Virtual meetings are an absolute necessity for geographically dispersed teams who need to collaborate to drive projects, solve problems and exchange critical information. Here is our list of our virtual meetings facilitator best practices.

Icebreakers - In Person and Remote

Think icebreakers are for introductions only? Read the different ways you can use these fun icebreakers, for in person or remote sessions, and get creative with them in your next meeting facilitation!

Meeting Cost Calculator

Do you know how much unproductive meetings are costing your organization? Use this calculator to find out.

When to hold a meeting

Determine if a meeting is necessary and who you need to invite for face-to-face, virtual or hybrid sessions.

The Cost of Unproductive Meetings (Infographic)

Meetings are a fact of life for every business professional. Poorly run meetings don’t have to be. Let’s start a meeting revolution! Spread the word by sharing this infographic with your colleagues, boss and friends.