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Event Facilitation, Moderation and/or Production

Event Planning & Design Consultation
Your Facilitation First consultant will meet with you and your key stakeholders to refine outcomes, define event parameters, explore possible virtual platforms and tools, and map out a plan that includes panelist/presenter prep, defining event roles and responsibilities, rehearsal outline, and Webinar or Meeting Room Settings (if Zoom is the platform). We will leverage our expertise to develop a detailed process guide that ensures great flow, maximizes engagement, and matches virtual tools to the target audience. We can also develop your event “fall back strategy” should a significant technical issue require it.

Allow our experienced staff to set up (or assist you in the set-up of) the registration form, invitation and addressing pre- event attendee questions.

Your Facilitation First consultant will work with the session host, panelists, presenters and any client moderators prior to the event to ensure comfort with roles and responsibilities and technical features that will be leveraged.

If you want to want to leverage the expertise of a seasoned professional facilitator or facilitative moderator, your Master Facilitator consultant will be with you from session design to the live event, ensuring a highly engaging event for your audience.

With the “Production Support Option”, we can provide Q & A and chat moderation and support, technical support for attendees experiencing difficultly, prompt panelists or presenters if needed – essentially do what is needed to make you look good!

Your Facilitation First consultant will work with you to define what information you require about the attendees, poll results, Q & A, etc. and provide a follow up report within 1-2 business days of the event.