Our Team

Michael Goldman, MHSc, CPF, CFFT

(President and Owner, Trainer/Facilitator, Toronto, ON)

Michael is a passionate advocate of facilitative leadership – combining powerful processes to acknowledg...

Leslie Lutz

(Client Solutions Director)

Leslie’s unique combination of learning & development and consultative sales experience enables ...

Carissa Ainslie

(Administrative Assistant and Tech Support )

Carissa brings years of administrative and organizational experience to the table, from various industries...

Tracy Jackson Daly

(Office Manager & Bookkeeper)

Tracy is our finance wiz and the jack of all trades. Her operations experience and attention to detail ensures our staff and clients...

Mary Goldman

(Design Solutions)

Mary has a background in graphic design focused primarily on print media. She is responsible for designing...

Rita Gupta PMP, CPF, CFFT

(Trainer/Facilitator, Toronto, ON)

Rita has over 15 years of experience as a Project Manager. As a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) a...

Tim Dixon, M.Ed

(Change Agent/Facilitator, Toronto, ON)

Tim’s goal is to make a difference in people’s lives at work by strengthening collaborative relationships and creating more ...

Kevin Quinn, CFFT

(Trainer/Facilitator, Toronto, ON)

Kevin specializes in coaching, consulting and the design and delivery of customized workshops aimed at enh...

Susan Gregory, CFFT

(Trainer/Facilitator, Toronto, ON)

Susan Gregory is a meeting facilitator and corporate trainer. She specializes in facilitating sessions tha...

Janelle Van Halst, CFFT

(Trainer/Facilitator, Toronto, ON)

Janelle’s career began in 1985 and she has gained a wealth of practical experience and knowledge in trai...

Monica Wagner, CPF, CFFT

(Trainer/Facilitator, Regina, SK)

Monica Wagner is a Corporate Consultant with a passion and experience for helping individuals and teams at...

Patty Schachter, CPF, CFFT

(Trainer/Facilitator, Calgary, AB)

Patty Schachter is a Professional Facilitator, a Business Excellence Consultant and a Certified Executive ...

Jorge Oceguera, CPF, CFFT

(Vancouver, BC and Central/South America)

With more than fifteen years of professional experience, Jorge combines the best of three worlds to effect...

Karen Ryan

(Trainer/Facilitator, Calgary, AB)

Karen Ryan is one of Facilitation First’s Senior Meeting Facilitators and Corporate Trainers. She has wo...

Frederick Tobin

(Trainer/Facilitator, Montreal, QC)

Frederick is a bilingual facilitator, Management coach and consultant with over 15 years of exper...

Sarah Butson


Sarah is a seasoned facilitator with a depth of expe...

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