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Sustain Your Learning

Learning New Skills is the First Step—But What Happens When the Workshop is Over?
How will you know if your employees are applying lessons learned? In the hustle of daily activities, it’s easy for your employees to fall back on old habits and behaviors. Newly acquired information needs immediate application and consistent recall to maximize retention and improve performance. We have found a great way to provide the needed ‘boosters’ while building accountability.

The First 30 Days: Meeting Check-Up Coaching Session
We will close the workshop ensuring every participant creates a personally relevant commitment to apply key strategies and approaches in the critical first 30 days following the workshop. We will also schedule a one-hour virtual coaching session with the group and their trainer four to five weeks after the workshop close to review successes and ‘noble failures ‘. The trainer will provide “in the moment” coaching and additional strategies to enhance their toolkits.

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Sustain the Learning and Provide Practice Opportunities 

Part of the Facilitation First’s sustainment process involves participants facilitating learning application conversations to ensure that learning is transferred and applied back at work. By revisiting key concepts from the workshop and empowering teams and individuals to apply those concepts in their meetings, we can sustain the learning over time creating a positive business impact.

For each conversation a workshop graduate takes the role of Conversation Facilitator, guiding workshop participants through a 60-minute conversation on one key concept from the initial workshop. As a result, workshop participants begin to see the results as they apply their learning in their workplace, adapt their meetings and practice the concepts they have learned.

What You’ll Cover: By the end of this conversation, participants will have:

  • Define the elements of a Meeting Manifesto, and what best to include
  • Recognize what needs to keep, stop or start happening in our team meetings to ensure we’re able to uphold the Meeting Manifesto

What You’ll Cover: By the end of the conversation, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the key elements for starting a meeting well
  • Learn how to establish levels of empowerment and guide the group to consensus using High Five
  • Discuss difficult situations that could be prevented through deliberate actions at the start of the meeting

What You’ll Cover: By the end of the conversation, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the approaches for proactively preventing bad behavior from occurring
  • Recognizing when and how to intervene if bad behavior occurs
  • Gain the confidence to intervene when needed