Facilitative Leadership Certificate Program

Facilitation has become a highly respected profession with skilled facilitators in great demand. At the same time, organizations are quickly recognizing the benefits of developing a cadre of internal facilitators who can be called on to help groups achieve superior results.

Whether you are ultimately seeking certification through the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) or are looking to add to your credentials and facilitation competency beyond one workshop, the Facilitation First Facilitative Leadership Certificate provides an immersive, comprehensive learning and skills application experience.

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  • Increase you professional credibility by demonstrating to employers and/or clients that you have achieved competency as a skilled facilitator
  • Work with Facilitation First’s Master Facilitators with years of experience as they coach you through all aspects of facilitation mastery
  • Learn and practice many of the competencies that you must demonstrate to achieve a Certified Professional Facilitator designation with the International Association of Facilitators
Designed for leaders, Project Managers, HR professionals, Consultants (Internal and External), Process Improvement/Change Management practitioners or anyone who works with groups to achieve outcomes
Step 1: Two-Day Workshop/Four X Half-Day Workshop: Facilitating Meetings With Ease - The Fundamentals
  • Designing the meeting structure
  • Decision-making tools and processes
  • Meeting management templates
  • Conflict intervention techniques
Step 2: Two X Half-Day Workshop: Facilitator Design Symposium
  • Scoping outcomes with stakeholders prior to critical meetings
  • Understand and apply the Critical Design Elements
  • How to develop a meeting process guide including when to incorporate critical virtual engagement tools such as polling, breakouts
  • Candidates will receive coaching and feedback on taking their meeting structure and design from "good to great" and take a deeper dive into Facilitation First’s most used and successful process designs
Step 3: Two X Half-Day Workshop: Facilitating Through Conflict - Managing the Group
  • Understanding your conflict style and it’s impact on facilitating
  • Critical proactive conflict management techniques
  • Deeper dive into intervention strategies
  • Recognizing and dealing with resistance
Step 4: Facilitator Prep & Assessment
  • Candidates are required to design and facilitate a virtual consensus building meeting which will be assessed by 3 attendees
  • Candidates will schedule an individual coaching call to review design and develop strategies for anticipated challenges (Candidates will be provided with two dates to select from 4-6 weeks after Step 2)
  • Candidates must achieve an average rating of 4/5 or higher to achieve Certification and can make up to 2 attempts in the 6 months following the last workshop
  • Candidates have 18 months to complete the program from date of last workshop
  • Candidates can participate in Facilitating Through Conflict prior to the Facilitator’s Design Symposium
Step Program Element Fee
1 Facilitating Virtual Meetings With Ease 4 X ½ Day Workshop – The Fundamentals $1,199
2 Facilitator Design Symposium $795
3 Facilitating Through Conflict $795
4 Facilitator Prep & Assessment Session $500
Total $3,289
15% Discount If Full Program Paid in Advance $2,795