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Our Company

Facilitation First was incorporated in 1991 by our founder and President Michael Goldman. For over 25 years our mission has been to design and lead highly collaborative meetings based on consensus driven, focused results. Starting initially as a professional facilitation services provider, our clients recognized the quality of our facilitation and started to enquire if we could provide training to develop their own internal cadre of facilitators. As a result, we developed our first facilitation skills workshop in 1995 and now provide an array of foundational and advanced facilitation training to 1000’s of students looking to develop their facilitative leadership capacity.

To ensure consistency and quality in delivery, we have developed a rigorous train-the-trainer program to certify and/or license trainers in leading our workshops. Facilitation First has grown to include many certified trainers across Canada and a roster of extremely effective professional meeting facilitators. Our head office remains in Toronto with satellite offices now in Calgary, Vancouver, and Regina.

Meetings are the lifeblood of any organization. A well-run meeting creates alignment, clarity and motivates a group to action. Bad meetings lead to frustration, distraction and a disengaged staff. With today’s matrixed organizations requiring increasingly more group collaboration, the art and science of effective meeting facilitation has never been more important. Our certified trainers are seasoned expert facilitators and are able to share strategies and techniques to master any meeting situation.

In the meetings we facilitate, we typically educate participants in tools and techniques to ensure everyone understands what drives a great meeting. As a result, clients who have partnered with us for their facilitation needs have significantly improved their meeting culture and results!