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Facilitating Inclusive Hybrid Meetings

3.5 Hours


As the future of work is rapidly changing, so too is the future of meetings. As companies embrace hybrid and remote models of working, collaborating with some meeting participants ‘in the room’ while others join remotely is about to become far more common.

But the fact is, hybrid meetings are much harder to run than ‘in the room’ or ‘all-remote’ meetings. Post-pandemic, it is clearly no longer acceptable to lead a meeting focused primarily on the in-room participants while the remote participants ‘suffer through’, hoping they have the opportunity to be heard.

This half day workshop was designed to provide skills, tools and practice needed to lead equitable, inclusive hybrid meetings.



By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Name 2 technical challenges and 5 facilitative challenges of hybrid meetings
  • Implement “minimum viable solutions” and optimum solutions for each of the 7 challenges
  • Demonstrate the skills required by a hybrid meeting facilitator
  • Plan & Design Hybrid Meetings by…
    • Determining when to hold a hybrid meeting
    • Preparing the technologies and set-up required for inclusive hybrid meetings
  • Open Hybrid Meetings by…
    • Setting the context to ensure comfort, safety and equitable access for all participants
    • Designing warm-ups and introductions to create connection, familiarity and trust
    • Set and referee norms to overcome barriers to communication and collaboration in hybrid meetings
  • Manage Hybrid Meetings by…
    • Ensuring the group has easy ways to a) share a visual collaboration/note space, b) generate ideas together, c) vote or prioritize together and d) work in sub-groups despite the distance challenge
    • Engaging everyone in the meeting using tech features and facilitation techniques
    • Intervening when typical hybrid meeting challenges arise

Any team leader, subject matter expert or facilitator asked to lead Hybrid meetings

A participant workbook filled with templates, reminders, and methods you can refer to when transitioning new skills to your meetings

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Facilitating Inclusive Hybrid Meetings
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