Enhancing Your Facilitation Practice

Presenting to Senior Leaders

7 Hours


Your audience, particularly a Senior Leadership audience, needs high-quality information on which to base business and project decisions. Or, your colleagues need to solve problems and chart new directions. To support these stakeholders you need the ability to influence, motivate or persuade which depends just as much on how you structure your message and show up as the content itself.

The ability to prepare, design and deliver highly engaging presentations is a core competency for most business professionals in today’s business world. This workshop therefore will focus on the tools, skills and a process that you can use to support your internal and external partners.

While we review best practices around creating the right presence using voice, body language, energy levels etc., we recommend our Presenting With Ease workshop for those looking to build confidence through more practice presenting followed by feedback opportunities.


By the end of this workshop you will:

  • Have tools to define your audience’s need and what ‘presenting’ role you should play
  • Know how to anticipate and respond to your audience’s most difficult questions
  • Be able to design content that will directly satisfy audience need
  • Have clarity as to best practices for PowerPoint slide design
  • Acquire powerful techniques for making key points
  • Understand how to mitigate common presentation risks
  • Know how to shift roles from presenter to facilitator to match audience’s empowerment level
  • Get armed with tools to adapt your presentation to your audience & environment
  • Develop, practice and receive feedback on mini-presentations

Anyone who needs to present to Senior Leaders to enable informed decision making, such as Project Managers, HR Professionals, Data Analytics Professionals, Risk/Internal Audit, etc.

  • A workbook filled with templates, reminders and methods you can refer to when applying new skills in your meetings
  • Certificate of Completion
In-House Training
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Facilitation First Presenting to Senior Leaders
Presenting to Senior Leaders
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