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Leading Hybrid Teams

7 Hours


Are you a people-leader with some employees working remotely and some working on-site? And do you have additional unique hybrid team factors such as members working different shifts, at multiple sites, or on different projects? If so, you may have experienced challenges with communication, collaboration, and meetings, all within a uniquely stressful pandemic world.

This workshop provides you with proven best practices and tools to build trust, resiliency, and productivity during times of constant change. The two highly interactive three-hour virtual sessions provide opportunities to practice new skills and create your personalized strategy to build a cohesive and effective team.


By the end of this workshop participants will:

  • Learn how to manage the assumptions and innate bias that exists between dispersed and co-located team members
  • Examine the role of psychological safety, certainty, and autonomy on engagement and accountability
  • Assess your hybrid team’s strengths and areas to improve by conducting a Hybrid Team Assessment
  • Explore how shared ground rules can align and engage teams, build trust and lead to better outcomes
  • Choose from an array of best practices that will transform your team meetings to maximize equitable participation and inclusivity
  • Learn how you can leverage your organization’s existing collaborative technology platform and applications
  • Practice solving the most common leading hybrid team challenges
  • Craft your hybrid team vision and define key actions to define operating guidelines that will foster collaboration, trust and maximize productivity

Any team leader at any level in an organization. Particularly critical for those who are anticipating back-to-work / work-from-home policy changes.

A participant workbook filled with templates, reminders, and methods you can refer to when transitioning new skills to your meetings

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leading hybrid teams
Leading Hybrid Teams
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