Enhancing Your Facilitation Practice

Internal Consulting Skills

7 Hours


Any business professional working in an advisory capacity is often required to take on assignments requiring a high degree of influence but little to no direct control. There is also a critical requirement to carefully facilitate early conversations to ensure the presenting problem and resources required are clearly understood. Failure to do so my result in taking on work that is:

  • Not geared to resolving the ‘real’ problem
  • Not aligned with the overall business priorities
  • Requires time and effort that the professional does not have
  • Lacks client involvement/accountability for resources, etc.

This workshop gives consultants the skills, tools, and process they need to support their transition to trusted advisor. Our Internal Consulting Skills Workshop employs a hands-on, experiential learning format. It utilizes participants’ actual client scenarios, role plays and group discussions throughout. The result is a fast-paced and practical session that helps participants build their consulting skills one step at a time. After this workshop, participants will understand how to increase their value to their clients and organization and have an array of excellent tools that they can immediately apply in their very next consulting engagement.


Participants will leave this course with:

  • Facilitative tools and techniques for assessing your and the client’s needs and capabilities
  •  Strategies for building rapport and client commitment
  • Techniques for helping a client identify outcomes and expected results
  • Skills in interviewing and negotiating the role
  • Practice in defining the consulting assignment
  • Awareness of the obstacles to completing the consulting assignment on time and strategies for handling common problems
  • Clarity as to an effective consulting process
  • Awareness of the relevant, internal obstacles to completing the consulting assignment on time, and strategies for handling these problems

  • HR Consultants/Partners
  • Process/Business Improvement professionals
  • Individual contributors/subject matter experts
  • Professional service staff
  • Advisory personnel
  • Anyone who must provide advice to others in the organization

  • A participant workbook filled with templates, reminders and methods they can refer to when transitioning new skills with their internal clients (digital manual provided for virtual delivery).
In-House Training
Our training is offered in-house, both virtually and in your premises.
License this Workshop
If you have large populations of staff who could benefit from this training, Facilitation First certifies in-house trainers to teach our content.
internal consulting skills
Internal Consulting Skills
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