Facilitating Meetings

Making Meetings Work

3.5 Hours


Whether you are new to leading meetings or are looking for ways to get your group discussions to be more engaging and productive, Making Meetings Work will introduce you to pragmatic tips, templates and techniques you can apply in your very next meeting.

In half a day, this action-packed workshop will introduce you to the behaviours of effective meeting facilitators, the key elements of meeting structure and key techniques to engage participants and manage group dynamics.


Manage Yourself

  • Learn the role and beliefs of the facilitator in the context of creating powerful virtual meetings that engage, inspire and achieve outcomes
  • Understand the 5-core facilitation best practices and how to use them to gain group alignment

Manage the Process

  • Recognize the importance of making your virtual meetings POP — defining purpose, outcome and process in creating meeting context

Manage the Group

  • Learn practical engagement and process techniques to optimize group participation
  • Understand how to establish and get buy-in to group norms to minimize challenging virtual meeting behaviors


All techniques and engagement strategies taught and modeled in our Half Day Virtual Delivery apply specifically to virtual meetings.


  • Anyone who leads virtual or in person meetings
  • Anyone who participates in meetings who wants to better understand the keys to successful group dialogue


  • A participant workbook filled with templates, reminders, and methods you can refer to when transitioning new skills to your meetings
In-House Training
Our training is offered in-house, both virtually and in your premises.
License this Workshop
If you have large populations of staff who could benefit from this training, Facilitation First certifies in-house trainers to teach our content.
Making Meetings Work
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