Advanced Facilitation Training

Facilitating Strategic Planning

14 Hours


Most successful organizations recognize how important strategic planning is for ensuring all resources are aligned towards a specific objective. Yet many clients we work with suffer from ‘SPOTS’ phenomenon – Strategic Plan On The Shelf! There are many reasons why plans fail or are ‘shelved’ and much of it has to do with a lack of key stakeholder involvement, the process for planning is cumbersome, and a lack of buy-in for cascading, maintaining, and sustaining the plan.

Our Strategic Planning Workshop delves into a proven, seven-step planning process and hones the facilitation skills required to collaboratively create and successfully implement strategies that will have the power to shape the future of your organization.

You’ll learn how to prep, design and facilitate a proven strategic planning process that Facilitation First professional facilitators have used with many of their clients. We’ll investigate how to build buy-in, avoid client sabotage and lack of accountability, and walk-through step by step from designing and leading strategic planning to ultimately operationalizing the plan.


The format of this workshop incorporates a highly interactive lecture style and an applied learning environment that includes group work, a case study, as well as using a variety of strategic planning tools and techniques.

At the end of this workshop, you will be better able to:

  • Articulate why strategic planning is important
  • Show up: The five facilitator core practices
  • Identify critical factors to consider for effectively prepping for your sessions
  • Define your client’s expectations and responsibilities up front to ensure better buy-in and accountability
  • Determine the right strategic planning team
  • Utilize step-by-step process notes for virtual or in-person facilitation of strategic planning
  • Successfully open the event
  • Use tools for facilitating an analysis of the current, future states and respective gaps
  • Convert gaps into strategic goals, metrics and strategies
  • Operationalize your key strategic goals into ultimately a tangible annual plan
  • Choose from a set of concrete ideas for cascading, monitoring and sustaining the plan going forward

Facilitating Meetings With Ease or Facilitating Meetings That Work (or comparable foundation facilitation skills training)

  • A workbook filled with templates, reminders, and methods you can refer to when applying new skills in your meetings
  • Certificate of Completion
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Facilitating Strategic Planning
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