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Expand Your Internal Training Capacity with Facilitation First Training Professionals

Our Certified Facilitation First Trainers (CFFT) are “top in class” professional meeting facilitators as well as highly engaging trainers who are comfortable with a full range of audiences.

Let’s face it, there are many good trainers out there, but there are far fewer who have the competence and confidence to be a true facilitator of learning – who truly get that engaging a group in their own learning is far more powerful than just delivering content. When you bring in a Facilitation First facilitator, you have a professional with the skill set to create meaningful dialogue, ensuring relevance and that critical connections are made between the content and applications back at work.

Our seasoned trainers can target learning to key business themes and seek out “real examples” so that learning is relevant and resonates with the targeted audience. If required, our facilitators are highly skilled at incorporating just-in-time “burning issues” brought forward by the group to help them apply and buy into the current learning. Being flexible and understanding that real life issues make for better, more exciting learning, is key to ensuring learners resonate with the material and change behaviours the very next day.