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Why Choose Us

We’re Facilitation Experts

We are certified trainers and meeting facilitators with a depth of experience from designing to leading your critical event.

We Know What Drives Great Meetings

As the top facilitation services provider for 25+ years we research, test and hone the best meeting designs to maximize engagement.

We Create Great Meeting Leaders!

Having taught 1000’s of professionals on how to facilitate, we know what it takes to become a great facilitator!

Our Tools are Immediately Applicable

We’ve tried out 100’s of tools and have outfitted our workshops with the most practical yet effective ones.

Become a More Facilitative Leader

Success Stories

While our clients range in size, mission and complexity, they are all trying to achieve one thing: drive better results through more effective meetings.

We wanted to better understand the impact our training has had on individual participants, their teams and their organization, so we asked a few clients to share their stories.

Featured Clients