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Virtual meetings and training workshops are an absolute necessity for geographically dispersed teams who need to collaborate to drive projects, solve problems and exchange critical information. Ineffectively lead sessions, however, can be complete time wasters, undermining the group’s productivity and buy-in.

The reality is that virtual meetings require even more rigour and understanding of facilitative techniques than in-person meetings.

Facilitation First has an array of highly interactive and experiential half day, full day and 60-90 minute micro workshops delivered via a Zoom Classroom or your organization’s preferred video conferencing platform (some additional fees may apply to non-Zoom deliveries).

For a listing of the Virtual Facilitator Micro-Workshops, click the orange PDF below.

Virtual Facilitation Workshops

Facilitation First has designed a series of highly interactive micro-workshops that will be delivered via Zoom or your organization’s preferred video conferencing platform

How It Works …

Select one module or build a customized series. Each 90-minute workshop is scheduled as follows:

  1. 15 Minute technology check-in to ensure everyone’s audio and video is working
  2. 60 Minute interactive content delivery built to create an experience, debrief & theory, and practice
  3. 15 Minute Q & A

The Virtual Facilitator Primer – Learn how to effectively prepare for and structure any virtual meeting. A great micro- workshop to pair with any other. Learning outcomes include:

  • Tips and techniques for how to “show up” professionally on camera
  • List of preparatory steps/questions to consider when designing a virtual meeting
  • Practice designing a typical virtual meeting

How to Launch A Successful Virtual Meeting – Learn effective virtual meeting start techniques such as how to set context, set participation expectations, get buy-in on meeting Purpose, Outcome and Process and getting buy-in on meeting norms.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Critical steps to include when setting context for simple and complex meetings, including Parking Lot and Action Plan
  • Practice gaining buy-in on your meeting’s Purpose, Outcome and Process
  • Suggested norms for virtual meetings and when and how to collaborate with participants to agree on meeting guidelines/norms

Managing and Engaging Participants in Virtual Meetings – Dealing with low participation, setting expectations, utilizing virtual tools for maximizing engagement, virtual warm-ups, handling power issues, etc

Learning outcomes include:

  • Clarity as to why engagement is even more critical in virtual meetings
  • An understanding of critical virtual engagement principles
  • Best engagement practices for teleconferencing and videoconferencing
  • Tips for prepping, starting and managing great videoconferences
  • Application of learning to mitigate some common virtual engagement dilemmas

Virtual Brainstorming Techniques – Learn and experience fun and engaging group virtual brainstorming techniques that promote great generative ideas! Learning outcomes include:

  • Clarity on the norms that encourage safety in idea generation
  • Understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities of virtual brainstorming
  • Methods for “priming” the pump ahead of the meeting
  • An array of easy to use virtual brainstorming techniques, including anonymous brainstorming

Virtual Techniques for Achieving Consensus – Learn simple, yet powerful processes for helping a group/team come to consensus, overcome polarization and gain buy-in. Learning outcomes include:

  • Clarity on what consensus is, what it “looks like” and when it is worth taking the time to use this decision-making method
  • Understanding of the most effective processes to bring a group to consensus, including synthesis, impact/effort, multi- voting and criteria-based processes including how to leverage virtual feature such as polls, chat and breakouts

Facilitating Through Resistance to Achieve Buy-In– Learn various methods for achieving quick and sustainable buy-in when leading change related group meetings.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Better clarity as to why people resist
  • The common forms or signs of resistance and what they look like in a virtual meeting
  • A 3-step model for facilitating through resistance
  • Practice naming the resistance which can often be the only step necessary

Facilitating Virtual Problem-Solving Meetings – Get armed with practical, easy-to-apply processes that help groups/teams move from problem identification to problem resolution in a virtual meeting.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Clarity around the pitfalls of problem solving in virtual meetings
  • Understanding and practice virtually facilitating a quick and effective structured problem-solving methodology

Facilitating Highly Productive Remote Teams – Team, Project and Program Leaders will learn effective tips and techniques for forming (or re-forming) their teams to accelerate performance.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Clarity around why teams need to form or re-form in the remote environment
  • Virtual strategies to achieve team alignment including:
    • Transforming work into measurable and trackable output
    • Sharing, understanding and agreeing to uses for available collaborative tools (Teams, Slack, etc.)
    • How to facilitate a team discussion to align and buy-in to team norms
    • Defining a team communication strategy including a discussion around what is working and not working in your virtual workspace

Facilitating Your Remote Team Through the Storm – Team, Project and Program Leaders will be equipped with tools for managing challenging behaviours, resentments and conflict within teams.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Clarity as to what storming looks like in a virtual environment
  • How to review and redefine your teams operating guidelines
  • Understanding and practice conducting a “needs and offers” exercise to mitigate unproductive team dynamics
  • Review of three communication tools that enhance trust between remote team members

Facilitating Through Challenging Behaviors – Learn when and how to intervene when conflict or challenging participant behaviours risk taking you and the group off track.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Practical ideas for proactively managing conflict
  • A simple reactive technique for reactively managing conflict
  • Some processes for creating buy-in when conflict is anticipated or suddenly occurs

Zoom Meeting Host Training for Facilitators (Basic) – Lead Zoom meetings like a pro.

Learning outcome include:

  • Why and how to use waiting rooms, share screens, manage participants, chat, non-verbal icons and reactions
  • How to ensure your meetings are private and secure.

Zoom Meeting Host Training for Facilitators (Advanced) – For Facilitators or trainers who want to leverage Zoom’s interactive features.

Learning outcomes include:

  • How to create and use breakout rooms, creating meeting templates for repeating sessions
  • When and how to fully leverage screen sharing options and how to create, launch and share a poll
  • How to provide a participant or co-host remote control access of your screen, document or power point
  • How to ensure your meetings are private and secure.

Mastering Breakout Rooms

Any virtual meeting leader or trainer who wants to create quality connection, collaboration and engagement in sessions with 8 or more people should consider using breakout rooms. Zoom breakout rooms can be key to creating a safe, less formal “space” to dive into an exercise, activity or problem to be solved.

But there are definitely tips and tricks to ensure the experience runs smoothly. This 90-minute workshop provides hands-on experience using the feature and the opportunity to respond to live simulations of various scenarios and dilemmas.

Workshop Outcomes: You will leave this workshop more confident and capable of leveraging Zoom’s breakout capability by understanding the:

  • Benefits of using breakout rooms and when you might use them
  • Options for creating breakout rooms
  • Managing breakout rooms in progress
  • How to quickly address various dilemmas/scenarios that can arise

This workshop is designed to equip participants with the foundational skills and knowledge necessary to conduct active, engaging virtual learning events with confidence. Participants will engage in two highly interactive half-day sessions with many opportunities to practice new skills and receive coaching and peer feedback in a safe environment

Workshop Purpose: To enable subject-matter experts, internal trainers and managers to feel more confident and competent in being more ‘facilitative’ when leading virtual training sessions

Workshop Outcomes:

By the end of this workshop participants will:

  • Be more competent and confident in their ability to ‘virtually facilitate’ training
  • Appreciate the additional challenge and opportunity virtual training presents
  • Distinguish between their dual roles of subject-matter expert (content provider) and virtual facilitator (process leader)
  • Have clarity on how to effectively prepare for and set context to successfully launch a virtual workshop
  • Be able to deal more effectively with typical individual and group challenges experienced in a virtual session
  • Be better able to maximize participant engagement and leverage the groups wisdom during training
  • Have tools and checklists to ensure you are prepared to deliver engaging virtual workshops

This half day workshop can be delivered in two 90 minute modules or one 3.5 hour session.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the role and beliefs of the facilitator in the context of creating powerful virtual meetings that engage, inspire and achieve outcomes
  • Understand the Five Core Facilitation Best Practices and how to use them to gain group alignment
  • Recognize the importance of making your virtual meetings POP – defining purpose, outcome and process in creating meeting context
  • Learn practical engagement and process techniques to optimize group participation
  • Understand how to establish and get buy-in to group norms to minimize challenging virtual meeting behaviours

For more information about this workshop and upcoming dates, follow this link:

This one-day workshop can be delivered in one full day session or two half day modules.

Everything we know about work is changing – where it’s done, how it’s done and who does it. Most conversations are not going to be face-to-face, and we need skilled facilitators to broker dialogue between a widening range of stakeholders.

As facilitators, we work to create conditions where vital collaboration occurs and flourishes. Many of us already know a range of tools and materials to unleash a team’s potential. But, as the circumstances of work evolve, so too must our mastery of new venues for facilitation. This workshop is focused on helping you to attain that mastery of virtual meetings.

Workshop Purpose:
To ensure participants have the foundational tools and confidence to engage in facilitating most types of virtual meetings.

Workshop Outcomes:
You will leave this workshop with…

  • A framework for facilitating all virtual group meetings (video and teleconferences)
  • Practical experience with using concrete process tips and tools in a virtual meeting environment
  • A strategy for overcoming specific breakdowns in virtual groups

With many teams working remotely for the foreseeable future, the skills needed to structure, engage and guide a group through critical virtual meetings has never been more important. Whether you’re new to facilitation or have years of experience, this workshop provides a unique opportunity to enhance your mastery of any group situation. Learn essential skills from certified, veteran trainers who have taught meeting facilitation skills for years. Experience a dynamic and totally interactive learning environment.

The Learning Opportunity:

  • Gain a clear understanding of the roles, core values and behaviors of meeting facilitators
  • Work with powerful process tools and techniques
  • Learn techniques and best practices to keep virtual participants engaged
  • Develop your confidence in handling dysfunctional behaviors
  • Receive personal feedback and coaching
  • Practice new tools in a safe learning environment

Have you been asked to plan and execute a large virtual event or high-stakes meeting? Ensuring an online event is engaging, interactive and achieves outcomes takes careful planning and thoughtful design. Let Facilitation First’s 30 years of collaboration and process design expertise help you with some or all of the event design, registration, production, moderation, facilitation and reporting.

Don’t Have a Viable Virtual Platform? No Problem, We Will Host!

Service Details:

Event Planning & Design Consultation

Your Facilitation First consultant will meet with you and your key stakeholders to refine outcomes, define event parameters, explore possible virtual platforms and tools, and map out a plan that includes panelist/presenter prep, defining event roles and responsibilities, rehearsal outline, and Webinar or Meeting Room Settings (if Zoom is the platform). We will leverage our expertise to develop a detailed process guide that ensures great flow, maximizes engagement, and matches virtual tools to the target audience. We can also develop your event “fall back strategy” should a significant technical issue require it.

Event Registration Management

Allow our experienced staff to set up (or assist you in the set-up of) the registration form, invitation and addressing pre- event attendee questions.

Event Rehearsal

Your Facilitation First consultant will work with the session host, panelists, presenters and any client moderators prior to the event to ensure comfort with roles and responsibilities and technical features that will be leveraged.

Event Facilitation, Moderation and Production

If you want to want to leverage the expertise of a seasoned professional facilitator or facilitative moderator, your Master Facilitator consultant will be with you from session design to the live event, ensuring a highly engaging event for your audience.

With the “Production Support Option”, we can provide Q & A and chat moderation and support, technical support for attendees experiencing difficultly, prompt panelists or presenters if needed – essentially do what is needed to make you look good!

Event Reporting

Your Facilitation First consultant will work with you to define what information you require about the attendees, poll results, Q & A, etc. and provide a follow up report within 1-2 business days of the event.

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Note About Payments

We do not offer the ability to pay online so that we can ensure you are granted any discounts you or your organization may be eligible for. You will have the option to secure your spot in the class by paying with either a credit card or by Interac e-Transfer.

Public Workshop Participant Cancellation Policy (In-person classrooms only)

If you cancel more than 20 business days before the start of a workshop, you will be eligible for a full refund.

If you cancel 15-20 business days before the start of a workshop, Facilitation First will allow one courtesy transfer to be used in a future public workshop of equal or lesser value. This must be used within 12 months. A $150 per participant administration fee will apply for the courtesy transfer and will be charged at the time of the cancellation. For cancellations received less than 15 days before the start of a workshop or if you fail to attend, neither a refund nor a courtesy transfer will be issued.

Public Workshop Participant Cancellation Policy (Virtual classrooms only)

If you cancel more than 5 business days before the start of a workshop, Facilitation First will allow one courtesy transfer to be used in a future virtual public workshop of equal or lesser value. This must be used within 12 months. If you cancel less than 5 business days or fail to attend, neither a transfer nor a refund will be issued.