Chairing Committees

The Facilitative Chair

7 Hours


Many Committee Chairs step into the role with no formal training around how to effectively lead meetings. Yet, in order to achieve mandates, it is so important for Chairs to understand their role as meeting leader, how to actively engage the members and how to be more collaborative in their decision-making discussions. The good news it that there are tried and true practices for leading effective, collaborative meetings. This workshop therefore provides highly practical tips and techniques that can be applied in Chair’s very next meeting.

Whether participants are new to facilitation or have years of experience, this workshop provides a unique opportunity to align your Chairs and staff on a standard approach to collaborative Committee meetings. Learn essential skills from a certified, master facilitator who has taught meeting facilitation skills for years. Experience a dynamic and totally interactive learning environment.


By the end of this session participants will have:

  • Multiple tips and techniques as reminders on how to more effectively chair meetings utilizing process facilitation
  • Clarity around of the responsibilities of facilitative chairs
  • Why Chairs need to S.L.A.P.S. themselves! (the Five Core Facilitation Best Practices)
  • Why you need to make your meetings POP! (How to structure any outcomes-based meeting)
  • Critical considerations for designing decision-making processes
  • Clarity as to the importance and best practices for engaging people during meetings
  • Methods for managing challenging behaviors during meetings

  • Chairs, Vice Chairs or anyone leading sub-committee meetings
  • Staff who participate in designing meeting agendas and/or support Chairs in their meetings

A participant workbook filled with templates, reminders and methods you can refer to when transitioning new skills to your next Committee Meeting

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The Facilitative Chair
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