Advanced Facilitation Skills

Facilitating Problem Solving

Group problem solving in business can deliver breakthrough results – yet the most common experience when groups try to solve problems is just the opposite.

Many problem-solving meetings result in decisions and solutions that don’t work or are ignored by those who should implement them. Problems like group think, politics, lack of structure, poor meeting leadership, and narrow- minded thinking (to name a few) can result in decisions and solutions that don’t work or are ignored by those who should implement them.

This workshop is designed to equip group leaders with the tools and skills needed to bring out the best in groups so they can break through their barriers and create innovative, implementable solutions to business problems.

This course builds on basic facilitation skills to create advanced abilities in the design and delivery of systematic problem solving. Using a step-by-step approach, facilitators help groups overcome their negative tendencies (narrow solution spaces, judgements that destroy creativity, one-sided thinking) and tap their creativity, diversity and commitment. Participants see master facilitators demonstrating advanced problem solving and idea generation methods. They are then given the opportunity to practice these methods and receive feedback on their experience. The session uses example problems provided by the participants, so in addition to receiving training in the skills and processes of problem solving, they solve a real business problem.

  • Managers/Team Leaders
  • Project Managers/Leaders
  • Project Team Members
  • Process Improvement Professionals
  • HR or Performance Improvement Consultants
  • Analysts
  • Organizational Development Professionals
  • Facilitating Meetings With Ease or Facilitating Meetings That Work (or comparable foundation facilitation skills training)
  • A workbook filled with templates, reminders and methods they can refer to when transitioning new skills to the meeting room
  • Certificate of Completion 

We do not currently have a public enrollment workshop scheduled. Please join our wait list and we will let you know when we have scheduled a class.

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Our training is offered on-site, right where you are. It is one of the most cost effective and convenient ways for group training. Our workshops can be targeted or customized to meet your specific needs. An in-house session also enhances the relationships between learners, laying the foundation for partnerships that go far beyond the session.

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Request On-site Training for Facilitating Problem Solving (2 Days)

If you have large populations of staff who lead meetings, Facilitation First certifies on-site client facilitators to teach our content and adapt it to your organization’s needs at a fraction of the cost required to pay external facilitators.

Certifying your in-house trainers in our programs will also enhance process facilitation expertise, providing more insight into facilitating meetings. Not only are you enhancing trainer competency, you are developing a cadre of internal facilitators!

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