Advanced Facilitation Skills

Facilitating Strategic Planning

This Strategic Planning Workshop delivers an intensive program focused on honing the skills you require to create and successfully implement strategies that will have the power to shape the future of your organization.

The overall focus of this two-day workshop is to develop a strategic plan that can then be positioned for effective implementation

The format of this workshop incorporates a highly interactive lecture style and an applied learning environment that includes group work and case studies, as well as using a variety of strategic planning tools and techniques.

This workshop is designed to provide each participant with the following skills/abilities:

  • Tailoring the strategic planning process for your organization
  • Assessing your organization and the industry in which it competes
  • Developing a compelling future state
  • Identifying, assessing and prioritizing an optimal transition plan
  • HR staff
  • Management Consultants
  • Business Strategists
  • Meeting Facilitators
  • Strategic Planners
  • Organizational Development Consultants
  • Facilitating Meetings With Ease or Facilitating Meetings That Work (or comparable foundation facilitation skills training)
  • A workbook filled with templates, reminders and methods they can refer to when transitioning new skills to the meeting room
  • Certificate of Completion 

We do not currently have a public enrollment workshop scheduled. Please join our wait list and we will let you know when we have scheduled a class.

Request On-site Training for Facilitating Strategic Planning (2 Days)

Our training is offered on-site, right where you are. It is one of the most cost effective and convenient ways for group training. Our workshops can be targeted or customized to meet your specific needs. An in-house session also enhances the relationships between learners, laying the foundation for partnerships that go far beyond the session.

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Request On-site Training for Facilitating Strategic Planning (2 Days)

If you have large populations of staff who lead meetings, Facilitation First certifies on-site client facilitators to teach our content and adapt it to your organization’s needs at a fraction of the cost required to pay external facilitators.

Certifying your in-house trainers in our programs will also enhance process facilitation expertise, providing more insight into facilitating meetings. Not only are you enhancing trainer competency, you are developing a cadre of internal facilitators!

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