The Missing Link in Sustaining and Measuring Behaviour Change

The Actionable Platform lives in the Application and Implementation space. When you leverage the Habit Builder with your key performance initiatives, you will have real time insight into organizational metrics. This includes behaviour change, direct business impact, hard data, and the insights to do something about it.


Have you recently trained staff and are now concerned that newly acquired skills and techniques will be lost once you or your team gets back to work? Or have you invested in an employee engagement or cultural shift initiative and just don’t have a sense of whether it has had the intended impact?

You are not alone. Newly acquired information needs immediate application and consistent recall to maximize retention and improve performance. We have found a great way to provide the needed ‘boosters’ while building accountability. Facilitation First supports the building of targeted behavioural change by having participants use the Habit Builder for the first 30 days following a workshop or critical meeting.

The Habit Builder

  • To encourage the behavioural change needed to form new habits, Facilitation First leverages the Habit Builder platform by inviting all participants to make a personally relevant commitment to focus on in the 30 days following the training workshop.
  • Automated email reminders will prompt learners to check in and rate their progress at least once a week. Attendees can even assign an “Accountability Buddy” to provide additional feedback and support them in their commitment.
  • At the end of the month, the Manager/Training Sponsor will receive an aggregated report that outlines how the team has progressed towards their goal and the impact the new meeting facilitation skills have had on meeting outcomes.