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We’re Facilitation First, a unique organization solely focused on helping business professionals learn the tools for efficient, effective meeting facilitation and discover how smoothly their business objectives can be met because of it.
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In-House Workshops

We tailor our workshops to reflect the meeting culture of your organization. Whether it’s a specific learning outcome or the background for a case study, we’re happy to ensure our sessions have the maximum traction with your learners.

The Fundamentals: Facilitating Meetings with Ease

Our core workshop helps participants lead more collaborative and productive meetings. With plenty of opportunity to practice and get feedback, this workshop focuses on decision-making, meeting management, and handling conflict. A must for anyone who leads structured conversations that need to achieve outcomes.

Note: Facilitating Meetings with Ease is also available in Spanish.

Presenting With Ease Two Day Workshop

Successful presentations need three things: A presenter who knows how you present the message; content that engages the audience; a design that tells a powerful story.  In this two day workshop, participants will explore how to to organize the structure of their presentation with design tips and tricks that will inspire audiences to act. There are plenty of opportunities for practicing and enhancing your delivery style including videotaping with peer feedback and coaching.

Internal Consulting Skills Workshop

Internal consultants are being asked to take on more and different types of assignments, often requiring a high degree of influence but little to no direct control. This workshop gives consultants the skills, tools and processes that will help them to manage every aspect of their client engagement from defining the problem to negotiating mutual expectations. This workshop is relevant to anyone who engages in delivering solutions to meet a business need, whether in Training, IT, Process Improvement, HR, Product Management,etc.

Facilitating Training With Ease Workshop

This workshop has been designed for non-training professionals who are required to provide training to their colleagues or clients. Real learning takes place when a trainer stops talking and invites learners to start talking and participate in the process. To do this, trainers need to practice the skills and processes of “facilitative training”.
This workshop will equip participants with the foundational skills and knowledge necessary to conduct active, engaging learning events with confidence.

Advanced Training

All advanced workshops below require learners to have completed Facilitating Meetings with Ease as a prerequisite.