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We’re Facilitation First, a unique organization solely focused on helping business professionals learn the tools for efficient, effective meeting facilitation and discover how smoothly their business objectives can be met because of it.
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Our Trainers/Facilitators


About Our Facilitators/Trainers

All of our trainers are meeting facilitators, thus our company name ‘Facilitation First’. To be a Certified Facilitation First Trainer (CFFT) our team members had to demonstrate excellent facilitation skills as well as go through a rigorous process of accreditation. This process ensures you’re always getting a great trainer, like those listed below.

Kevin Quinn, CFFT (Toronto, ON)

Kevin specializes in coaching, consulting and the design and delivery of customized workshops aimed at enhancing human resources development. For twenty years he has been helping his clients achieve business results by getting the best from their people. Kevin delivers these results through customized training and problem-solving with teams and individual managers. Clients have included Manulife Financial, National Trust/Scotia Bank, University Health Network, and Nelvana Productions.

Kevin has done doctoral work in Adult Learning and holds Masters degrees in history and public administration as well as extensive knowledge in project management.

Susan Gregory, CFFT (Toronto, ON)

Susan Gregory is a meeting facilitator and corporate trainer. She specializes in facilitating sessions that are well structured in order to lead to the results desired by her clients. Susan helps teams to work together by demonstrating how great facilitation can inspire a team to share their ideas, work collaboratively, make good decisions and take ownership of action plans. Susan also shares tools to develop productivity, creativity and problem-solving skills in the workplace. Susan believes that creating a fun and dynamic learning environment enhances the ability of participants to learn and be inspired to apply new business skills following the courses that she leads.

Susan has a strong business background that allows her to relate to professionals working in different industries and at all levels of an organization.Before working in the training industry, Susan worked in various roles in the telecommunications industry in the UK and New Zealand. Susan’s corporate background reflects the ability to relate training to business objectives to increase profits, reduce overheads and streamline processes. Susan has worked extensively with blue-chip companies, government departments and not-for-profit organizations.

Susan was trained to deliver Mind Mapping courses by the Buzan Organization, the worldwide authority on Mind Mapping. Susan is a Licensed Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, who uses her understanding of learning styles and training techniques to get the best results within her programs. She also holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration from Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand.

Janelle Van Halst (Toronto, ON)

Janelle’s career began in 1985 and she has gained a wealth of practical experience and knowledge in training and consulting. Since 1992 she has been dedicated to training.  She has amassed over 2800 days delivering world-class workshops and facilitating high stakes meetings for her clients.

Her clients include an array of Fortune 500 companies, emerging businesses and not-for-profit organizations.  She has an Adult Education Diploma with a Major in Marketing in Business Administration and Canadian Sales Professional certification with distinction. Janelle is also a senior facilitator for the Canadian Management Centre.

She has successfully completed the intensive certification process for Facilitation First’s Facilitating Meetings with Ease and Facilitating Through Conflict and has successfully trained both workshops with company President, Michael Goldman.  Her reviews have been stellar.

Monica Wagner, CFFT, CPF (Regina, SK)

Monica Wagner is a Corporate Consultant with a passion and experience for helping individuals and teams at all levels of management achieve the desired outcomes of their plans and events. Monica brings forward creative and innovative solutions in all her facilitation designs when working with both corporate or non-profit groups.

Along with being a Certified Professional Facilitator with the International Association of Facilitators and having provided facilitation expertise for over 12 years, Monica also works to advance knowledge and connections for Farm Credit Canada’s business relationships. She has been involved in the agriculture industry for over 25 years, and in her past role, Monica led online webinars with external speakers, facilitated events, moderated and managed content and collaboration of online networks while also contributing to the strategy and change management of those networks.

Patty Schachter, CFFT (Calgary, AB)

Patty Schachter is a professional facilitator, a business excellence consultant, and a Certified Executive Coach. By combining these finely-honed skills with nearly 30 years extensive operational and leadership experience, Patty has helped numerous organizations, teams and individuals in private, public and not-for-profit sectors improve their effectiveness and performance.

As an associate of the National Quality Institute, Patty has been certified as an excellence professional in the Quality and Healthy Workplace streams, equipping her to assess organizational performance against world class criteria. She currently is on the External Review Team for the Premier’s Award of Excellence in Alberta which uses the same criteria. Customer Service, Process Redesign and Strategic Planning are her three key areas of expertise.

Jorge Oceguera, CFFT (Vancouver, BC and Central/South America)

With more than fifteen years of professional experience, Jorge combines the best of three worlds to effectively help you achieve your organizational goals: business management, adult learning, and professional facilitation. Jorge holds an Executive MBA and a Masters of Education in Adult Learning. He complements his academic background with extensive business and teaching experience. His unique mix of business and adult learning knowledge has allowed him to find personalized solutions for companies challenged by collaboration, learning, and intercultural communication needs.

Jorge’s professional facilitation skills give him the capacity to create innovative and effective solutions when it comes to designing and leading useful and effective training workshops for clients in Vancouver and throughout the Americas.