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We’re Facilitation First, a unique organization solely focused on helping business professionals learn the tools for efficient, effective meeting facilitation and discover how smoothly their business objectives can be met because of it.
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Our Company


Our Company

Collaborative meetings. Focused results.

About Us

For over twenty years, Facilitation First has been top of mind for companies requiring Facilitation Services and Facilitation Skills Training.  We specialize in helping leaders and subject matter experts transition to the role of meeting facilitator, where a detailed process guides discussions ensuring better decisions, outcomes and optimum participant engagement.

Our highly successful Facilitating Meetings with Ease workshop was developed by our founder, Michael Goldman and Ingrid Bens, master facilitator and author of the national bestselling books ‘Facilitating with Ease’ and ‘Facilitation at a Glance!’.  With thousands of satisfied participants having taken our course, we provide a proven, experiential workshop process that provides attendees with simple yet powerful tools that they can apply in their very next meeting.  We also offer a wide array of advanced and customized facilitation workshops.

We have worked with Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, all levels of government and many businesses seeking to change their meeting culture.  Our Canadian-owned company has expanded to include trainers and professional facilitators in Vancouver, Calgary, Saskatchewan and a head office in Toronto. We lead custom workshops across the Americas in English and Spanish to groups as diverse as policy advisors, academics, project managers, and First Nations leaders.