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We’re Facilitation First, a unique organization solely focused on helping business professionals learn the tools for efficient, effective meeting facilitation and discover how smoothly their business objectives can be met because of it.
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Meeting Facilitation Services


Meeting Facilitation Services

Facilitation First is dedicated to setting the standard of excellence in the provision of ‘process’ facilitation. Our experienced facilitators have successful, proven processes and tools for running collaborative sessions geared to any kind of meeting including strategic planning, problem-solving, decision-making and team alignment.

Let us help you and your team achieve better results by ensuring focus on the right issues, fully leveraging the expertise in the room and creating alignment and buy-in around a common vision.

Why bring in a professional meeting facilitator?

Our clients bring us in when they are running high-stakes meetings where the outcomes are critical and consensus or buy-in may be difficult to achieve. At Facilitation First, we leverage our decades of experience to help you to define the desired tangible and intangible outcomes, determine critical pre-meeting activities required and then design a series of structured dialogues or activities that will achieve those outcomes.

Our clients consistently tell us they are amazed with the outcomes achieved in their sessions, including:

  • Sheer volume of intelligence gathered
  • Higher quality decisions
  • Better solutions shaped by a broader group of subject matter experts
  • More innovative approaches
  • Greater alignment and follow through

Areas of Expertise

Visioning and Strategic Planning Sessions

We all know how important strategic planning is for ensuring all resources are aligned towards specific objectives. However, our experience tells us that most plans fall flat in part because leaders failed to engage key staff early enough in the process. So while we know that a strategic plan that is collaboratively developed is far more likely to be successfully executed, managing the group dynamics involved can be daunting. Facilitation First has refined a Collaborative Strategic Planning Process over the last twenty-five years resulting in a streamlined, efficient methodology that maximizes team engagement and alignment.

Team Building and Alignment

Team Chartering is a step-by-step process for aligning team members on purpose, objectives, roles, and communication both within and outside of the team. It’s also a process that generates invaluable trust and a lot of excitement about working together. Whether a new leader is being integrated into an existing (and perhaps under-producing) team or the team is newly formed, we can work with you to design a session that will accelerate the time needed to get the team achieving results.

Executive Retreat/Offsite

There is nothing more frustrating than spending thousands of dollars and valuable time bringing a leadership team together for an offsite meeting and not achieving outcomes. A neutral professional facilitator can be the secret ingredient necessary to work through contentious issues or make hard decisions by challenging biases; assumptions and ensuring all voices are heard. Our highly experienced facilitators are able to help participants excel as a team to focus on the issues, building a common vision and committing to the actions that will bring that vision into reality!

Stakeholder Consultation/ Feedback Sessions

People are much more likely to buy-in to change if they have an opportunity to participate in the process. To effectively manage risk, especially when there is wide diversity of opinion, it is critical to engage key stakeholders at opportune times throughout major projects to ensure you are on track. Our facilitators will engage key stakeholders in the design process to ensure our design is on track and begin building buy-in before the meeting begins. We then implement the agreed to process to maximize stakeholder engagement and intelligence.

Our other areas of expertise

  • Large Group Input/Ideation or Problem Solving Sessions
  • Conferences
  • Standards or Regulatory Framework Development
  • Advisory Boards
  • Focus Groups

For more information, email info@facilitationfirst.com or call 1-888-465-9494