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FIFA and Facilitation: Diversity in Action!

18 Jul 2014, Posted by facn1st in Articles

The last month has seen the unfolding of World Cup 2014 in Brazil, with the love of the “beautiful game” uniting fans around the world. As much as these events emphasize the many trends that unite us globally, they also remind us of the striking diversity of nations and cultures.

Introverts And Extroverts: Myers-Briggs And Facilitation Part 2

09 Jul 2014, Posted by facn1st in Articles

In my last blog posting, I argued that Myers-Briggs Type Indicator results do not determine how well people can perform as facilitators MBTI measures preferences, not skills. As facilitators however, we can benefit from being able to identify certain introverted or extroverted traits among meeting participants, so that we can structure our meetings in ways that will give both groups enough time to shine and enough space to feel comfortable.

Introverts and Extroverts: Myers-Briggs and Facilitation

24 Jun 2014, Posted by facn1st in Articles

I’m sure that most of you have heard about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) or the relatively recent book Quiet: The Power of Introverts by Susan Cain. The former is an assessment that determines a person’s psychological type and the way in which one processes information and interacts with others.

The Makers of Meeting Manifestos

13 Jun 2014, Posted by facn1st in Articles

Each one of us has attended a bad meeting at some point in our lives. We have wandered into meeting rooms, notepad in hand, sometimes unsure of why we have gathered or, more often, confused as to how we are to reach the desired goals. We have experienced speakers who dominate conversations or engage in meandering arguments, while others stare listlessly out the window, their feet bouncing and their eyes sliding in the direction of their vibrating smartphones.

The Humorous Facilitator

23 May 2014, Posted by facn1st in Articles

Being in the world of business is a thoroughly serious business. As meeting facilitators, we take charge in meetings in order to emphasize the agenda, the process, and the need to get “down to business.” We practice the serious art of neutrality and ensure that discussions never stray too far from the important topics at hand. We also galvanize group energies to build strong, effective teams. Comedy, on the other hand, often inspires people to indulge in playfulness and deviate off course.

The Body Language of Facilitation

14 May 2014, Posted by facn1st in Articles

While the act of reading body language can be far more ambiguous and imprecise than Lie to Me makes it seem, the show is based on a scientifically founded premise. Charles Darwin himself argued for the existence of universal facial expressions, and since then there has been plenty of research that suggests there are common ways in which human beings express their feelings and attitudes using their bodies.

Bosses, Bullies, and Braggarts: How to Tame Meeting Dominators

15 Apr 2014, Posted by facn1st in Articles

You’ve been there before – a meeting where the boss wants to forego analysis and make a decision now; a co-worker who runs roughshod over quieter team members; or a subject matter expert who never shuts up. Whatever their motivation, meeting “dominators” are a leading…

In Bad Meetings, There are No Innocent Bystanders: Techniques for the Facilitative Meeting Participant

08 Apr 2014, Posted by facn1st in Articles

Often when one of our trainers is leading a session on meeting effectiveness, a participant will exclaim, “it’s not my fault we have bad meetings, I’m just an attendee.” The days of hiding behind your doodle-covered agenda are over. In our seminars we refer to meeting participants, not attendees, because showing up is only the first step to being an effective contributor to a meeting.